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About Door Knocker Deals get coupons, discounts and deals, advertising in OttawaOTTAWA 2012 – WICMS Technologies Inc. launches Door Knocker Deals, a full-colour direct marketing media that hangs on the front doors of households in your local community. Highly visible, Door Knocker Deals delivers your message directly into the hands of your target market and get you noticed instantly. This is an ideal alternative to the high cost of Canada Post delivery or having your flyer stuffed into newspapers.

OTTAWA 2011 – WICMS Technologies Inc. begins development of advertising and marketing intiatives integrating traditional print publishing with powerful online technologies.

OTTAWA 2009 – WICMS Technologies Inc. continues providing custom web solutions, hosting, consulting and business intelligence .

OTTAWA 2006 – WICMS Technologies Inc. launches business class website platform, an affordable CMS designed for small business independent of corportate or network support.

OTTAWA 2004 – WICMS Technologies Inc. continues developments of Content Management Software introducing new technologies for integration including email marketing, online ordering, shopping carts, email administration  and more premium features.

OTTAWA 2003 – WICMS Technologies Inc. pioneers internet content management system software and partners with Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. to provide online solutions for the Canadian dealer network.

PERTH 2001 – initiative establishes world wide home for local Perth businesses and ignites requirement to develop an online application for managing website content, a system later to be known as Content Management Software or CMS.

OTTAWA 1999 – Millennia Money marketing program connects money-smart consumers to online business community and further establishes the growing demand for internet business intelligence.

OTTAWA 1996 – Community Advisor direct mail program puts Subway Barrhaven over the top with 6.25% return on coupon program.

OTTAWA 1994 – Business Exchange launches monthly newspaper targeting 20,000 businesses in Metro Ottawa.

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