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Get 50% off shoe repair from
Alfredo Shoe Repair in Nepean

up to a maximum discount of $15 off your bill.

Valid only when you present this Door Knocker Deal at time of order.
Limited offer. One coupon per person for this promotion.
No duplicates. Cannot be combined with other specials.

This Door Knocker Deal may expire without notice.

Call Alfredo Shoe Repair at 613-262-9621
250 Greenbank Road, inside Browns Cleaners beside Subway.

Call Alfredo Shoe Repair 613-262-9621 for shoe repair in Nepean, boot repair, heels, leather,,

Print this Door Knocker Deal and bring it to Alfredo Shoe Repair at 250 Greenbank Road near Huntclub inside Browns Cleaners and you can save up to $15 on your next shoe repair, winter boot repair, cowboy boots repair, heels, purse repair, leather repair, sports gear repair, sports bags repair, and zipper repair. Call Alfredo Shoe Repair 613-262-9621 for details about this deal from



About this Door Knocker Deal

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heels, purse repair, leather repair, sports gear repair,
sports bags repair, and zipper repair, in Ottawa.

Tell them about Alfredo Shoe Repair 613-262-9621
250 Greenbank Road near Huntclub.


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